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The Athlete Women Empowered Program is an initiative funded by Canada's Anti-Racism Action Plan that intends to help address barriers to employment, justice and social participation among women BIPOC athletes within emerging industries in Canada.

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Three Goals.

One Program

Building Skills for the Future of Work

Focus on personal and professional skills to help them thrive in a digital future.

Breaking barriers and creating opportunities by building confidence and confronting bias

Breaking Barriers

Fostering Community

Creating safe spaces to dialogue and find support from fellow peers and mentors








Are you, or someone you know eligible for the program? If you meet the qualifications and have a strong desire to build confidence in life outside of sport, apply today!

Access AWE From Anywhere

with our mobile app, Training Ground

6 Skill Building Modules

30+ Mentors

Virtual Workshops

Access to Our Community

6-Month Journey

Over 6 months, Athletes explore 6 modules designed to focus on personal, social and professional development through learning and mentorship. 

Life After Highschool

Athletes focus on self awareness exploring their identity, with and without sport.

Empowering Women for the Future

Athletes explore the challenges and adversities women face with a focus on building self-confidence.

Advancing Digital Skills

Athletes prepare for the future of work exploring technology, discovering trends, and building skills.

Women Role Models

Athletes will explore the behaviours, skills and confidence they need to emulate success.

Thriving in Your Sport

Athletes explore the values of successful sportswomen creating impact with their career.

Wellness to Thrive

Athletes focus on mental health and wellness strategies to cope with pressures in sport, and life.

Hear From Our Mentors

Every mentor in my life has provided me with invaluable information to help me become incrementally better than I was yesterday. I would not be who I am but for their guidance.

Mentors have been crucial to my personal and professional development. They helped me identify blind spots, open doors, and advocate for your success.

Tia Thevenin
Former Canadian Track and Field Athlete; Business & Law Student

Melissa Allen
Executive Director, League of Innovators

Sincere gratitude to our partners who have provided us with their expertise, time and support in making the Athlete Women Empowered Program possible.


Spots are Limited.

Have questions about the AWE program?

Contact our team to learn more!

Applications close February 14th, 2022.

Apply today to join Cohort 2!

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